Transfer of data

Find out to whom, according to the law, we may transfer your data and under what circumstances it is allowed and why we have to do it sometimes.

Where can your data be transferred to?

We may transfer your personal data, as appropriate, to:

  1. processors (entities processing data on our behalf), in connection with the performance of certain activities on our behalf:
    1. our agents, cooperating sales representatives and other intermediaries in the sale of our goods or services, e.g. production plants;
    2. entities providing marketing services for us;
    3. entities managing our information and communication systems or providing us with ICT tools and resources;
    4. contractors supporting us in the implementation of the agreement, e.g. carriers, customs agencies;
    5. entities providing advisory, consultancy, audit, legal assistance, tax assistance and accounting services for us.
    6. other data controllers (data recipients) processing data on their own behalf:
  2. our agents, cooperating sales representatives and other auxiliary or intermediary entities, e.g. production plants – in order to settle remuneration payable to them;
    1. entities dealing with postal and courier activities;
    2. entities conducting payment activities – in order to make any payments to you or from you;
    3. debt purchasers – in case of the disposal of outstanding debts to them;
    4. economic information bureaus, state authorities, judicial authorities, local self-government bodies – in accordance with the generally applicable provisions of law.
    5. entities of the Rawlplug Group.

Currently, we are not planning to transfer your personal data outside the EEA .